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Akesowan, Adisak (2013) Quality of light pork sausages containing konjac flour improved by texturizing ingredients. Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences, 23 (4). pp. 1012-1018.

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Wilainuch, Pairote (2013) Communicative practices in talking about death and dying in the context of Thai cancer care. Communication and Medicine, 10 (3). pp. 263-271.

Conference or Workshop Item

Assawamekin, Namfon and Kijsipongse, Ekasit (2013) Design and implementation of bit torrent file system for distributed animation rendering. In: 2013 International Computer Science and Engineering Conference, ICSEC 2013.

Duvvuru, A. and Radhakrishnan, S. and More, D. and Kamarthi, S. and Sultornsanee, S. (2013) Analyzing structural & temporal characteristics of keyword system in academic research articles. In: Procedia Computer Science.

Innet, Supachate (2013) A noval approach of genetic algorithm for solving examination timetabling problems: A case study of Thai Universities. In: 13th International Symposium on Communications and Information Technologies: Communication and Information Technology for New Life Style Beyond the Cloud, ISCIT 2013.

Karnjanapoomi, N. and Pramanpol, P. and Lertratsamewong, V. and Chacavarnkitkuln, T. and Rattanajongjittakorn, V. and Thavaravej, C. and Wattanapornprom, W. and Rodkaew, Y. (2013) A nondominated adversarial search algorithm for a threeplayer chess game. In: 2013 International Computer Science and Engineering Conference.

Khemapech, I. (2013) Feasibility study of direct communication in wireless sensor networks. In: Procedia Computer Science.

Khemapech, I. and Duncan, I. and Miller, A. (2013) An energy aware protocol for cyclic monitoring wireless sensor networks. In: Proceedings 2013 IEEE 8th International Conference on Networking, Architecture and Storage.

Rodkaew, Y. (2013) The last eternity a 3D roleplaying game with a crossplatform development. In: 2013 International Computer Science and Engineering Conference.

Srikulwong, M. and O'Neill, E. (2013) Wearable tactile display of directions for pedestrian navigation: Comparative lab and field evaluations. In: 2013 World Haptics Conference.

Sultornsanee, S. and Duvvuru, A. and Radhakrishnan, S. and Chowdhary, ็H. and Kamarthi, S. (2013) Phase synchronization based minimum spanning trees for the analysis and visualization of currency exchange markets. In: Procedia Computer Science.

Utaikaifa, Kasem (2013) Reduction of power ripple in P&O MPPT system using output feedback. In: International Conference on Power Engineering, Energy and Electrical Drives.

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