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Copyright Policy for Authors/Depositors

Copyright generally refers to the exclusive right of authors to reproduce, publish, communicate, or make an adaptation of their own works. The author/creator is usually the first copyright owner (this may differ if the work has been made in the course of employment or as a work for hire). Many journal publishers also often make it a condition of their agreements that the author assigns copyright ownership in a work to the publisher; this transfers all rights to deal with a work from the author to the publisher.

However, many publishers do allow the author to deposit the 'accepted manuscript' (i.e. the final refereed and edited manuscript) of their paper into an institutional repository; this includes making the version available to end-users.

For more information about publisher policies, please see SHERPA/RoMEO.

Copyright Policy for Users

The copyright owner, usually the publisher or the author, retains the copyright of publications held in EPrints UTCC. You may download and print a single copy of any item held in EPrints UTCC for your personal, non-commercial use without prior permission or charge, provided that you correctly refer to this paper when making use of the content either as a direct quotation or as a source of information. If the material is required for any purpose other than personal, non-commercial use, you should contact the author or publisher directly for permission.

Citation Guideline

When you use the items found on EPrints UTCC, please cite the published work as follows.


Aekthong, P. (2011). The Study of the Problems and Strategy Formulation for Enhancing the Turnover of a Restaurant Business, 4Dinner. Master’s thesis, University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce. Available at http://eprints.utcc.ac.th/id/eprint/138

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