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Laptaned, Ungul (2005) Demand Chain Management: The Other Side of Supply Chain Management. UTCC Engineering Research Papers. ISSN 1906-1625


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Nowadays, supply chain management (SCM) has become very well-known and applicable in logistics and supply chain communities. This style of management has found to continuously substitute, so called, purchasing management which has been found in many private sectors. Nonetheless, the other side of supply chain that has been overlooked is “Demand Chain Management.” Practically, demand chain involves distribution, marketing/sales in which it is found at downstream of the supply chain. Management of demand chain is anticipated to be as critical as the management of supply chain. For demand management, the objective is to match demand to available capacity, either by improving production scheduling, curtailing demand, using a back-order system, or increasing capacity. This paper illustrates the idea of how demand chain can be effectively and efficiently managed in parallel to the need of SCM. A model of both components will be fully developed that is made to illustrate how to actively balance the management of demand chain (downstream) and supply chain (upstream). It is expected that the model could make it desirable for business organizations to give attention to their own operations, immediate suppliers, and distribution and sales strategies.

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