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Iftikhar, Mohsin and Manitpornsut, Suparerk (2012) The Most Promising Scheduling Algorithm to Provide Guaranteed QoS to all Types of Traffic in Multiservice 4G Wireless Networks. UTCC Engineering Research Papers. ISSN 1906-1625


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Dissimilar wireless infrastructures such as WiMAX and LTE are fabulously expand in last decade. In this heterogeneous environment of wireless networks and architectures, one of the major concerns is how to allocate network resources efficiently to diverse traffic classes with different QoS constraints. Further it has been convincingly demonstrated through numerous high quality studies that multimedia traffic found in modern wireless networks exhibits Long-Range Dependence (LRD) and self-similarity, a phenomenon which cant’ be captured by traditional traffic modeling based on simplistic Poisson model. Unlike most existing studies that are primarily based on simplistic Poisson model and traditional scheduling algorithms, this research presents an analytical performance model for multiple queue systems with self-similar traffic input scheduled by a novel and promising scheduling mechanism. Our proposed model is substantiated on G/M/1 queuing system that considers multiple classes of traffic exhibiting longrange dependence and self-similar characteristics. We analyze the model on the basis of newly proposed scheduling scheme. We present closed form expressions of expected waiting times for multiple traffic classes. We develop a finite queue Markov chain for the proposed scheduling scheme. We simulated the various patterns of wireless traffic through our own designed discrete simulator. The results indicate that our proposed scheduling algorithm provides preferential treatment to real-time applications such as voice and video but not to that extent that data applications are starving for bandwidth and outperforms all scheduling schemes that are available in the market.

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Subjects: Engineering > Computer and Multimedia Engineering
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