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Laowachirasuwan, Katsiri (2012) Chromium(VI) Removal from Synthetic Wastewater by Adsorption with Activated Litchi Chinensis Shell and Seed Carbons. University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce Journal, 32 (3). ISSN 0125-2437


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The objective of this research was to study Chromium(VI) removal from synthetic wastewater by adsorption, using activated carbons prepared from Litchi Chinensis shells and seeds with phosphoric acid, by the chemical activation method. The influence of Chromium (VI) adsorption condition variables such as pH, temperature, initial concentration and type of activated carbons were investigated to find the optimum adsorption condition. Activated carbons prepared from Litchi Chinensis shells and seeds and the two types of commercial activated carbons were used to compare with the adsorption quality. The result showed that the adsorption of Chromium (VI) was effective at pH 3.0, with maximum adsorption for all types of activated carbons. Contact time increased with an increase in an initial concentration. The adsorption capacity of Chromium (VI) was increased by increasing the adsorption temperature. This indicated that Chromium (VI) adsorption was an endothermic process and chemical adsorption rather than physical adsorption. A Freundlich type adsorption isotherm was found to fit the adsorption of Chromium (VI). The Freundlich isotherm indicated that the adsorption of Chromium (VI) was monolayer type.

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