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Iam-aram, Thanoot and Mee-ingerd, Indhira (2011) Measuring the Success of the Chai Pattananurak Project for the Participants in the Community and Nearby Amphawa Floating Markets. University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce Journal, 31 (1). ISSN 0125-2437


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This research was to study the success of the Chai Pattananurak project under the Chai Pattana Foundation in the Amphawa floating markets and nearby community. The study has been conducted since 2008, measuring the roles of five groups of participants, namely shop owners and the private sector, residents, central government, provincial tourism organization and local government organizations (Tambon Administration Organization). The results reveal that the Chai Pattananurak Project has had a high level of success, and has been very helpful in improving performance in the four areas. Performance of five groups of participants active in the roles of residents, central government, provincial tourism organization and local organizations and their role in areas such as development and conservation of art, local life and culture were measured. The progress in development is important because it has become a potential source of eco-tourism, adding values and revenue to the community. This study showed that shop owners and the private sector, which have participated in developing local organizations into an integrated community within the four categories, have strongly affected the success of Amphawa Floating market,both for themselves and the community. The study also showed that there was no association between the type or length of a career and the fourth aspect of the project. Furthermore, the study also found that the length of occupation and operation of a shop had no correlation with the four categories in the project. The group participants included government and other organization officials resident in the area under study, Central government, Provincial Tourism Organization, Local government organizations representatives. The study found that, since the successes of the project was high, all participants should foster collaboration and coordinate with all sectors, linking the information together. There should be greater emphasis on public relations, while still preserving the community identity as much as possible.

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