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Akesowan, Adisak (1997) Improvement in Production of Low-fat Pork Sausage, Minced and Preserved Pork and Chicken Products (Moo yo and Kai yo) Made With Konjac Flour. Other. University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce. (Submitted)


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Study on fat replacement in minced and preserved pork and chicken products (Moo Yo and Kai Yo) by 1.5% konjac gel were investigated. The results showed that Moo Yo and Kai yo with 70 and 50 % fat replacement were highly sensory acceptable. The improvement of chopping condition,reduced fat Moo Yo and Kai Yo (1 cycle = chopping 5 min on / 10 min (at-18*c)off) and reduce fat pork sausage(1 cycle = chopping 10 min on / 20 min (at 18*c)off) increase batter viscosity but did not affect cooking loss and thermal emulsion stability. Sensory and instrumental determinations indicated that chopping reduce fat Moo Yo, Kai Yo and pork sausage up to 2, 1, 2 cycles; respectively, improved in texture of products. Moo Yo with 73% fat replacement involving 2 cycles of chopping had high sensory acceptance and consisted 17.16% protein, 6.23%fat and 71.92% moisture content; whereas, Kai Yo with 56% fat replacement involving 2 cycles of chopping consisted 16.0% protein, 10.15% fat and 70.35% moisture content. The pork sausage with 64% fat replacement involving 2 cycles of chopping had quality attributes and consisted 19.74% protein, 9.76% fat and 66.50% moisture content. The optimum reduced fat meat products in polypropylene packages which stored at 4 *c for 6 weeks decreased in cutting force and L * or brightness and increase in microbial population. Moreover, the thiobarbituric acid (TBA) formation was higher in control products than reduced fat products.

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Date Deposited: 16 Jun 2014 15:43
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